Monday, September 10, 2012

Capital D earrings

Last few days, I were surfing to find which ereader to buy. I watched the live text online about Amazon's press releasing new kindles on Sept 6. I thought Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a great person, he made a great presentation and great products decision. It's one of the best presentations. I'm glad that I spent time watching it. The kindle fire HD tablets are very tempting.

After comparison, I purchased the entry-level kindle for $69. Though, the entry-level kindle only have the very basic functions. I know another brand has a cheaper entry-level ereader for only about $49. The content Amazon can provide is the major reason I chose kindle. As Jeff Bezos said, "It's not a device, it's a service". My purchase is absolutely supporting his words. The entry-level kindle is not only cheap, but also light. It's only 170 g. By the way, the tangible Reader's Digest is about 100 ~120 g. So, the kindle could be lighter in the future. The weight is an important point, when holding a ereader for long time reading. As for the paperwhite kindle, I thought it's good, but a little expensive for me, since I expect to use the new-purchased kindle for 2 or 3 years. I would rather spend the money on books than spend it on a fading-over-time ereader. Reading is my hobby, and ereader is a tool not the purpose.

It's the wire beading Capital D earrings.

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