Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free little wire earrings tutorial

This is a free little earrings tutorial. You can choose whatever color of beads and wires to make your own earrings by the same method.

The wire is very thin, and may be destroyed by force. Things that can be made can be destroyed as well. If you wear the earrings carefully, it can last for some time. Even if the shape does not hold, you can still reuse the beads for other jewelry.

The dried flower was pressed about 5 years ago. It still keeps its shape, not bad. Time teaches us what's the quality. I put it in the photos as a background decoration.

Materials of the little earring tutorials
1. 28 gauge * 8 cm *2
2. 4 mm beads 5 pcs *2

Tools needed:
1. round nose pliers
2. flat nose pliers

Making time: about 10 minutes

Step 1
String 5 beads on one piece of wire.

Step 2
String the last bead crossly.

Step 3
Use round nose pliers to form a loop.

Step 4
The end of wire goes through the last bead again.
Note: Flat nose pliers can help to pull the wire.

Step 5
Coil the wire closely to the last bead at both sides. The small and big loops are fixed in this step. Cut the excess and use flat nose pliers to flat the ends.
Note: Make sure the size are similar before coiling.

Step 6

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