Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The square and blue pendant for round face

Square shapes are great for people with a round face. Square pendants make the round face more lovely. If you have a round face, I recommend you to try some square-shaped jewelry sincerely.

The simpler the square, the better looking is.

The strings go slant. The ends are treated in the way to keep the square in the same line. The 28 gauge wire binds the two ends together.

At first, I wanted to use beads to line up to fill up the square space. Obviously, I changed the beads lining and reduces the bead pieces.

Materials of the square and blue pendant:
1. 18 gauge about 10 cm
2. 28 gauge about 20 cm
3. 3 mm aqua blue bicone beads count the number

Making time: about 10 mins of making + 10 mins of idea incubation

Before making the square frame, you have to straighten the wire.

The square frame

The square and blue pendant

The square and blue pendant for round face

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