Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY: Nylon Jaws Pliers

Nylon Jaws pliers can be used to straighten wires and to bend wires without leaving tool marks.

Using nylon jaws pliers to straighten wires is one of the methods to have straight wires. It's not the best method but convenient. Nylon jaws plays an important role in lessening tool marks while making wire jewelry and wire craft.

To buy nylon jaws and the replacement can cost some money, DIY nylon jaws can save money and have some fun.

Making your own cheap Nylon Jaws pliers:

Tools you need:

  1. a chain pliers or flat-nose pliers: You can make use of old pliers to save money.
  2. a plastic cover of cans: Here is the cover of a milk powder can; the plastic materials used here is called LDPE. You can easily find the same materials from grocery items.
  3. scissors
  4. glue
Nylon Jaws tools
Making nylon jaws steps:

Step 1    Cut the plastic cover into the shapes of the pliers.
Cut the plastic cover into shapes for pliers
Step 2 Glue the plastic pieces onto the pliers
Glue the pieces
The tips are a bit open 
            The tips of the pliers are a bit open, yet it doesn't matter. When the glue is dried, it's done! You can use an art knife to trim the edges.

You can cut as many as plastic pieces for future replacement in advance. The best part is that the replacement is totally free.

Does this DIY nylon jaws work?
It's not perfect, but it works.
This DIY nylon jaws can straighten the wires.
When bending the wires, it makes rarely tool marks.

BTW: Make multi-layers nylon jaws for your own purpose.

the experimental wires

wire straightened


Anonymous said...

Great tip! Will get on that today ;)

DonnaMarie said...

Another comment menions gluing a piece of plastic lid on instead and it got me thinking what I'm going to try, haven't yet, is asking tape, followed by gluing a piece of plastic lid, and then more masking tape then a layer of some kind of glue, hot glue, elmers, will have to research it.
I am going to try this, but haven't yet, it's just an idea. I'm thinking of all of this for a reason, the layers maybe offer a bit of give that the nylon pieces offer, cause they are a bit thicker than a single layer of plastic (which another comment mentions) or single layer of masking tape may not offer. So, it's not overkill for no reason.

DonnaMarie said...

oops this is the one that mentions the piece of plastic. lol

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