Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wire Soap Holder

I need another Soap Holder for my handmade soap (CP cold precess soap).
This wire soap holder is made of gauge 12 wire.
It's also a good opportunity to try the diy nylon jaws.
Half hard gauge 12 wire is a little hard to bend and it worn out the nylon pieces.

wire soap holder

Both sides work.
 Actually it's not my start design, my first idea for this soap holder is simpler than end item.  But everything changes while making. The start idea is often different with end item.
Both sides of this soap holder works.

normal sized soap holder
 CP soap need soap holder to last for longer use. This wire soap holder can be used to hold up to 200g soad.

While making soap holder with wire, the most important things is whether the holder can stand well.

The soap holder stands well with soap on it.

The nylon pieces are broke.
Replace the nylon pieces

very few tool marks
The nylon part of mylon jaws is very easy to wear out. The nylon part worn out, when this wire soap holder is done. Since the replacement of nylon pieces costs me nothing and it deals with tool marks well, I am satisfied.

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