Friday, November 9, 2012

The little crystal rocks ring

I prolonged some ideas of wire stuff. It's because that I was busy in learning Javascript and Jquery programming again this week. I have learnt about 3 years ago, but forgot most of what I've learnt. Time to repolish and to step further.

The little crystal rocks ring note:

  1. The little crystal rocks can also have their own beauty and style, even thought they're much more humble, comparing to bigger, prettier beads.
  2. The total length used is about 50 cm for making. 10 cm would be cut off at finishing so that the actual length is 40 cm. 
  3. Half of the making is with the wooden ring stick. The reason is for keeping the shape and handling the pattern.
  4. This is another one-piece-of-wire ring. Sometimes, insisting of one-piece-of-wire causes headache.

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