Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Bookmark Clip

I made several bookmark clips long ago. Why show old things? I was still busy in coding this whole week and made a great process technically. I thought I would be stuck in some point, but yesterday I figured out the function I want. I was surprised because it is something like kicking a broke machine and the machine starts to work. I am not an expert in coding, but I fix a problem that many people have the same problem like mine. I knew it because I searched a lot about the problem, but no exact answer. The only way is by myself. I had several nights that I could not help but think about solution while sleeping, then woke up and tried them. Besides technical problems, there are a lot of tedious data processing work to do. I found it again that It's hard to get creative work done when I have to do a lot of repetitive work.

I still want to keep the frequency, even being busy, at least posting one about craft creation.

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