Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wire Christmas Wreath

It's just autumn. Christmas is still far away.
Today I made this wire Christmas wreath, because of yesterday's wreath. When an idea can be carried out, just make it out as soon as possible. No procrastination.

Time really flies, the weekend is near. I have been working on bag projects during these weeks. It will come out soon.

A showing post has its own value, just like people go to museums or exhibitions to see wonderful crafts or painting or other things. Feel good or get relaxed or get inspired by seeing other people's work. But no copy.

Yesterday, I said that I do not like to deal with the ends. I do think it is necessary to use as few as possible, which is about the number of wires, not the length. A wire end is usually a weak part in a craft or jewelry.

This wreath is cute to decorate a Christmas tree. The size is not the problem. Make a larger or smaller one to fit a tree.

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