Friday, August 3, 2012

Wire weaving peapod pendant

The 4 pea beads are not fixed, so they will slide. One thing to note is I made some coils at the bottom to lift up the beads to the height that the pea bead is smaller than the peapod frame.

I only cut the photos to show the wire peapod clearly and minimized the sizes. That's all the photo editing. The colors are good in natural light. There is nothing to do with the brightness.

At first, I used the color of this wire weaving craft to create a fallen leaf. But I found it not as good as I thought in halfway, I redesigned it as this weaving peapod.

Materials of the wire peapod:
1. 22 gauge about 50 cm
2. 6 mm natural bead 4 pcs

Total making time: about 20 minutes

Size of the weaving peapod: 1 cm * 3.5 cm

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