Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Egg-shaped wire bag

I drew a draft for egg-shaped wire bag months ago. I think the shape of an egg are stylish. Finally, I made the first egg-shaped bag out. From idea to draft to forming to end result, it does take long time sometimes.

The handle are 3-braids. If I make next egg-shaped bag in this style, I will improve some places.

I bought some materials cheap from an old grocery store last month. Because they are stocks for many years. The materials are more elastic than what I am used to. And the prices of metals rise in recent years. With cheap materials, I can avoid being stressed when making crafts that need long length of wires. If you find some metal wires cheap stocks, take the chance.

Materials for the egg-shaped bag:

  • 22 gauge about 160 cm

Egg-shaped wire bag

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