Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY - Wires container

A craftsman has various items to play with. In other words, a craftsman has to organize so many items. The better a craftsman organizes his work place, the more efficiency he has.

Materials:  Water bottles.
Tool: A sharp knife.

The usages and benefits of the DIY wires container:

  1. Free: It costs almost nothing but a little time and effort to cut the water bottle. The cutting tip is to use a sharp knife to cut the bottle vertically. 
  2. Transparent: It's transparent so that I can see if there are wires suitable for what I'm working on. This will save time and efforts.
  3. Organizer: All I have to do is throwing pieces of wire into the container. Use several containers to store wires with different sizes , materials, lengths. 
  4. Tips collector: Dealing with ends of wire is a must thing that should not be avoided. The most part is cutting the ends to make sure that the ends are flat. Thus, we keep producing little tips. When cutting the wire tips, hover hands over the container so that the wire tips will fall into the bottom of the container. All you have to do is pouring little tips out of the container every several months. 
By the way, put the container in a cabinet with doors to prevent collecting dust over time. This will save you from taking time to clean it.

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