Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wire weaving: woven leaf

I used new-bought materials to make this woven leaf.

What I want is gold color, but it looks like copper color. The thick frame is gold color, but the thinner wires looks quite different. I thought the vendor sent me the wrong ones.

The weaving is very easy and straightforward. The line keeps going like the figure 8 route. All the "8" weaving is starting from a frame to weave. Every one can make "8" weaving easily, only if he knows how to write 8.

Although this kind of woven leaf needs more wire, the result is not as good as I like. I made another double-color woven leaf by "8" weaving and will post tomorrow. It's much better.

On the leaf, I added a crystal bead as a dew.

Wire woven leaf
The start: Coil to tight
 goes in "8" pattern

Wire woven leaf

Wire woven leaf with a bead

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