Thursday, July 12, 2012

The web weaving necklace

The frame is formed by one piece of wire, wrapping itself to form the round frame.

The web costs some more time to weave, but it's not hard. Inside the web, it is leaving a space to add some decorations.

1. 18 gauge * 25 cm approx.
2. 28 gauge * 90 cm approx.
3. beads

When it comes to the length of wires needed in a project, I usually tend to give a little bit longer than the actual length. It might cause some waste, but in most cases the longer is better than the shorter. 

The size of the web pendant:   3.4cm * 3.4cm

The web frame

Weave the web around the frame

An amethyst bead in the center

The web necklace

The web weaving necklace

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