Monday, July 30, 2012

The wire wrapped heart

I added one tutorial of "How to make a wire heart" to "Write With Wire" Ebook as a bonus for all.

There are many ways to make hearts.

The wire wrapped heart is based on the method above. And then, wrap around the heart frame. This kind of wrapping looks irregular, but it has its benefit.

Materials of the wire wrapped pink heart
1. 18 gauge about 20 cm
2. 28 gauge about 15 cm
3. 3 mm aqua beads 7 pcs

wire wrapped heart necklace
I believe "Every creation is a trying and every making is a learning."

No matter how the result is, people know more and improve in the making process.

The pink wire heart is small, its size is about 1.8 cm * 2 cm.

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