Friday, July 13, 2012

Double color Viking weaving bracelet

This is a variation of Viking weaving.
The Double color Viking weaving bracelet is very thin, because of 4-braids and 28 gauge wires.

It's such a fine work that it makes eyes uncomfortable and takes more time to make it.

It's a really hot summer. In the evening, I took the work outdoor to enjoy the breeze and found that it's much more effective in the bright outdoor light. The natural light makes the fine lines so clear and also is better to eyes. I will create more crafts outdoor. If you want to do fine jewelry work, why not consider working outdoor? It's worth it.

The ends of the bracelet are different. I prefer the twisting one.

The making of double color viking weaving 
The twisting end

The coiling end

Double color Viking weaving bracelet

The Viking weaving bracelet

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