Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wire weaving spiral pendant

Again, this is another wire weaving jewelry.

It's like a shell, so call it a shell pendant is also fine.

The wire weaving spiral takes about 1.2 yard of wire to make it.

Keeping playing with wire work, it is necessary to buy supplement constantly. I just placed an order to get some more stuff to play with, waiting the package to come in the next week.

Totally, taking about 20 photos to pick and edit, it's quite time-consuming. Especially, when the photos looks almost the same, it's hard to choose from. But if I don't take many photos, once the photos taken are blurred or unqualified, I have to do it once all over again. It is still time-consuming. 

Anyway, I like this new design. It's a blessing whenever got new ideas.

wire weaving spiral pendant

wire weaving spiral pendant on 925 silver chain

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