Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wire Weaving Bag

Wire Weaving Bag took more than 3 yards to form it.

This kind of wire-weaving is easy when making 2D objects. However, 3D wire weaving does not mean that it has to become difficult. Unless, more patience required is equal to difficulty. It makes some sense. Whenever becoming impatient, I got a ugly shape, even miss a weaving.

I made loops on one side of the handle, let it have a place to hang some beads or  flowers etc.

I will use the same weaving method to form another different type of wire bags in the future.

The bag might not be perfect and it can be done much better. Actually, from scratch the idea, it took hours in the whole process. I know I got improvements after hard time.

After making this bag, my hand got a bit sore. Time to take a rest.

The size of wire bag

The bottom of the wire weaving bag

Looks colorful

wire weaving bag

wire flower bag

loops for hanging beads on the right side

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