Monday, January 17, 2011

Wire Open Spiral

When designing a project, the look of final piece is always good.
Because the materials are pretty themselves, such as wires, beads, findings, gems, etc.
That's why people like beading and wire jewelry making.
Wireworking includes many basic components.
Basic components skills are where to differ pros from beginners.

Open spirals are tricky for many jewelers.
It needs some skills to make a beautiful open spirals.

The usual way to make an open spiral is
Step 1 Make a simple loop.
Step 2 Start to bend from the loop with  flat-nose pliers.
Step 3 Make as many circles as you want.

These are the techniques you can learn from basic books or online free sources.

Flat-nose pliers will mar the wire unless you use very hard ones, however, the harder the wire the harder to bend.
Using Nylon Jaw pliers with skill could help to prevent tool marks.
When you have obvious tool marks, you might want to hammer your open spiral to flat the wire.

I have my own  method to make open spirals in a faster way, without nylon jaws, yet with much much less tool marks.

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