Monday, January 24, 2011

Japanese Cube TIp

Recently, I'm amazed at maille (mail).
I viewed many wireworks of maille.
Jump rings can make so many patterns, even in 3D sculptures, such as castles, bags, flags, baskets, housed, buckets, armors...etc.
If you need tutorials of maille, you can go to Maille Artisan International League

Japanese cube 8-in-2

While it takes a lot of time to complete a maille piece,
I decided to make a Japanese cube 8 in 2 this time.
This small Japanese cube takes me hours to make. It's understandable, since it's my first time to  make.
Maille is a repetitive work, the most difficult part is to figure out how to construct. Once you figure out , everything is clear and all you need is patience and time.

When I made this Japanese cube, I used tips to help me find the correct rings to join.
This saved me a lot of time while making complicated mailles in the beginning.
I will share one tip of Japanese cube weave. It's useful, especially for beginners.

First layer of Japanese cube
The Japanese cube tip is using kinked different colored wires to hold ends.

The order is clear.

Whenever you are confused, hold it up, and the rings order is clear. You can use colored wires to hold other ends when you feel necessary. This tip will also help to position when trying out other maille weaves.
So, do not throw out kinked wires, they're useful.
What to do with ugly wire

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