Friday, January 21, 2011

How to make jump rings

Jumps rings are basic components for wirework.
As for making chain maille, all you need are jump rings, many jump rings.
You can purchase jump rings from suppliers, however, they are a little bit more expensive.

Jump rings making is a no-brainer.
Making jump rings for your custom purpose costs a lot of time, and this is the worst.
In my opinion, the best time to make jump rings is when watching TV, especially ads times.
After an episode or news program, you will get many jump rings. If you act this way every day, you will never waste time on this time-consuming work. Especially when you are making "mailles". A big maille piece needs thousands of jump rings.

How to make jump rings :

Step 1    Make a long coil as you like.  You need a rod to form the coil.
The rod I used to make the coil is a broken glass coffee stick bought from a craft store.
Step 2    Coil the coil.
The coil is open now.

Step 3    Stretch the coil till the rings as open as good for cutting and passing through. 
Stretch the coil several times with even tension. 
Step 4    Cut jump rings. Remember to flush cut the wire every time you cut a jump ring.

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