Friday, December 10, 2010

How to choose a cutter plier?

A cutter plier is one of the most basic tools for wirework making.  The tool you use will play an important role of the quality of your DIY work.
Usually a good cutter plier doesn't cost much. The question is how can we determine a cutter plier is good enough?
All the cutter plier can do the cutting work.  But you will find the difference by taking a close look.
When you buy a cutter plier, do you know what kind of cutter plier will do the perfect work for you?
If you are making delicate wire jewelry, and you care about the cutting quality.
How to choose a cutter plier (cutting plier)?
3 things to consider when you purchase a cutter plier:
  1. Be sharp enough to cut easily: If the cutting plier is not sharp, the cutting edge will be ugly.
  2. The flat sides must be perfect flat: If the flat sides do not match perfectly, it's sure that we will not get perfect cutting. The cutting edge will be effected by the match of the flat sides. Use your finger to touch the cutter and feel the flatness. Another good way to know if it's flat is to use your nail to scrub.

  3. The holding width should be fit for your hand to hold: If a plier too wide for your to hold, you will spend much efforts to hold it in your hand. When you are having much cutting work, you will be suffering.
    The width does matter.

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