Monday, November 15, 2010

How to make a rubber stamp / eraser stamp

Make your own specific eraser stamp is quite easy and almost costless.

Eraser stamp materials : eraser, ink

Eraser stamp tools: cutter knife, stamp holder (not a must )

How to:

Step1 : Get an eraser you want to cut into stamp. I found this eraser I bought years ago.

Step 2 : Draw whatever you want on one side of the eraser. Put the eraser on a stamp holder. The stamp holder is not necessary. You can just hold the eraser in your hand. Take care, not to cut your fingers!

Step 3 : Start to cut the eraser off.

 Step 4 : Try the stamp and see where to refine.

Step 5 : After refining, a clover eraser stamp is done.

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